Shekinah Claims Sabrina Peterson Recruited Women For T.I. & Tiny To Have Sex With

T.I. and Tiny

The situation playing out on social media includes accusations of sex trafficking and abuse.

Yet another layer has been added to the ongoing back-and-forth between Glam University founder Sabrina Peterson and people associated with Hustle Gang founder Tip “T.I.” Harris. Peterson accusing T.I. of holding a gun to her head was just the first chapter in this story.

After Tameka “Tiny” Harris called Peterson “special” and suggested she was harassing her husband and her family, multiple women reportedly came forward claiming T.I. and Tiny were involved in sex trafficking. Peterson posted screenshots she said were from alleged victims of the couple.

Enter former T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle cast member Shekinah Anderson. The reality television performer alleged that Peterson had consensual sex with both of the Harrises. Shekinah also claimed Peterson was involved in recruiting women for threesomes and foursomes with T.I. and Tiny.

“[Peterson’s] obsessed with Tiny. She wants Tiny to be her girlfriend,” said Shekinah. “Why she ain’t talking about how she done sucked [T.I.’s] dick? Why we ain’t talking about that?” The celebrity hairstylist went on to say, “Why she ain’t told y’all about she’s one of the women that who used to go recruit the b######? Wassup!?”

In response, Peterson wrote on Instagram:

Sis! I learned something this week! You never heal from the things you don’t reveal. Speaking to your pain, past experiences & getting them out allow you room to process them & cultivate some level of a healing plan. Also note your silence is THEIR POWER! They will do anything to discredit you and attempt to make you not feel or reveal your truth. I’m an empath so I’m disturbed by what I’m finding out, it’s HEAVY. There’s a certain level of strength you give a mother when you violate or exploit her child on social media to PAD YOUR LIES! You can come for me all you want but when you put my child in the mix on THINGS YOU KNOW ARE TRUE, then ITS A PROBLEM! I can never remove my baby’s image in that way from the internet but I can make sure that when he’s old enough to see it! HE KNOWS IT WAS UP & STUCK! & my momma maybe many things but a LIAR isn’t one of them. TO MY WOMEN THAT ARE SPEAKING & MENTALLY SORTING OUT YOUR EXPERIENCES! I know it’s a lot to process, I’m looking for a therapist for all victims now. YOU CANT HEAL FROM WHAT YOU NEVER REVEAL.