Shia LaBeouf Making A Movie About Brockhampton Co-Founder’s Youth

Hollywood actor Shai Labeouf is finishing up a script about the troubled upbringing of Brockhampton star Kevin Abstract.

(AllHipHop News) Actor Shia Labeouf is working on turning rapper Kevin Abstract’s childhood into the subject of a new movie.

The “Transformers” star recently received high praise for “Honey Boy,” the semi-autobiographical film he wrote about his difficult relationship with his alcoholic father.

Now he’s focused on digging into the Brockhampton co-founder’s past for his next venture.

Titled “Minor Modifications,” the script is a work of fiction but is inspired by Abstract’s troubled youth, during which the Texas native ran away from his mom’s home at 15 and eventually moved to Georgia to live with his sister.

The project features on The Black List, which notes the industry’s top, unproduced screenplays, but LaBeouf is working hard to perfect the script by spending quality time with 23-year-old Abstract, real name Clifford Ian Simpson, even holding weekly group therapy sessions to further understand the complexities of his friend’s life.

“I’m trying to get as close to my subject as I am to myself, so I’ve been forced to be more social and go to his house all the time and so much so that we started like, a therapy group at his house,” LaBeouf recently explained on the podcast 3rd & Fairfax.

“It’s called Friday Therapy. We invite friends and it’s a little bit of a party, but also forced connection, where everybody gets 10 minutes to sort of unveil themselves, and because he’s a very closeted person personally, he exhibits a lot in these moments…

“Me and him have gotten very close over the last year and I’ve been writing his 12-year-old story as well, to right around where he’s 17. We’ve just been looking at this chapter of his life.”

Further details about LaBeouf’s plans for the movie have yet to be revealed.