Shock G Died Of Massive Drug Overdose

Shock G.

A coroner has confirmed the cause of death of Digital Underground frontman and legend Shock G.

A medical examiner has revealed the cause of death in the unexpected death of Shock G.

The Digital Underground founder, whose real name is Gregory Edward Jacobs, died in April, rocking the Hip-Hop world to its core.

Now, news surrounding his unfortunate demise pointed to something that people had suspected. A coroner’s report stated that Shock G. died after consuming a deadly cocktail of fentanyl, ethanol (alcohol), and methamphetamine.

He was found dead in a Tampa, FL hotel room. The establishment’s manager noticed that the star, responsible for discovering Tupac Shakur, missed his check-out time and went to his room.

Upon arrival, he noticed that the artist was no longer alive and was pronounced dead at 2:20 PM by authorities.The rapper’s funeral was on May 1, 2021, and was streamed live.

Unlike other publicly streamed celebrity services, this was a very churchy service where the family versus the label took the lead.

Shock G was more than a rapper, he was a classically trained pianist and producer responsible for the following hits: “Humpty Hump,” “Doowutchyalike,” “What I Won’t Do for Love” by 2pac, “I Get Around” featuring 2pac and Money B, “So Many Tears,” and “Kiss You Back.”

However, those are only a few of his hundreds of hits that he has laced the culture with, including the best verse on Westcoast Allstars’ 1990 song “We’re All in the Same Gang.”