EXCLUSIVE: Shooting Victim To Speak At Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Sentencing

A victim robbed in front of 50 Cent’s offices at the hands of Tekashi 6ix9ine also had some things to say.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine may get his freedom when he is sentenced tomorrow (December 18th) for running with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and raising hell throughout New York City.

But today (December 17th) on the eve of his sentencing, several of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s victims submitted impact statements, calling in hopes Paul A. Engelmayer will give the rapper some prison time for his crimes.

Tekashi 6ix9ine wrote a letter to the judge last week expressing remorse for joining the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, as well as for targeting his rivals with violence.

The rap star’s mother, brother, girlfriend, and others also submitted letters to the judge begging for leniency when he is ultimately handed his sentence.

6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, is hoping to get off with time served, since being locked up in November of 2018 as part of a RICO case against 12 members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

As AllHipHop has reported, Tekashi 6ix9ine has provided the Feds with an unprecedented level of cooperation against Nine Trey, in hopes of avoiding a 37-year sentence in Federal prison.

A publicist named Skyy L. Daniels said she was inadvertently caught up in Tekashi 6ix9ine’s beef with Rap-A-Lot Records in April of 2018 when she was robbed at gunpoint.

The cops later recovered her belongings in 6ix9ine’s house in Brooklyn, but the whole calamity has left Daniels mentally scarred.

Skyy Daniels said she fled New York, and Texas because she was scared 6ix9ine and his crew would find her and kill her.

“I went as far as to leave Texas, hiding in the home of a close friend to avoid the watchful eyes of Tekashi69’s network,” Skyy L. Daniels wrote.

Skyy’s unnamed assistant said he was robbed by Tekashi 6ix9ine and his associates outside of 50 Cent’s offices in mid-town Manhattan in April of 2018.

“Upon exiting THISIS50.com studios in Midtown, I along with Skyy was assaulted at gunpoint by a group of masked men. I am ex-military and seen my share of violence but never have I been so scared as the cold, hard metallic gun was pressed against my abdomen,” one victim’s statement read.

“As much as I want to say how fast it happened, I cannot because in that moment, my life flashed before my eyes. I was not going to be able to say goodbye to my mother… All I thought was, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ What was moments seemed like an eternity burning in fiery pits as I was frozen and watched my compatriots by assaulted and robbed along with me,” the unidentified victim wrote to Judge Engelmayer.

According to the Feds, one victim who was struck in the foot during a July 16, 2018 shooting in Brooklyn intends to speak at the sentencing hearing. 

Peep Skyy Daniels’ full letter:

Dear Your Honor,

I am contacting you today to discuss the impact of a traumatizing situation, I, long time international Publicist, , professionally known as Skyy L. Daniels, and my assistant publicist, survived after being attacked, robbed, and possibly almost kidnapped by high-profile rapper, Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 6ix9ine and his associates.

Tekashi 6ix9ine and his Nine Trey Gangster Bloods were convicted for committing several brazen acts of violence around New York City including a robbery that took place on April 3, 2018.

I was targeted by Tekashi69 but the whole thing was a sad case of mistaken identity. In a nutshell, their intended target was a record label out of Houston, Texas, Rap-a-Lot Records and some of their representatives, who I later learned that there was some kind of industry/street beef between Tekashi 6ix9ine/Treyway and J. Prince Jr./Rap-a-Lot.

When the robbery occurred, they came in yelling in the building lobby, get on the ground, F*ck Rap-a-Lot. I feel I was a target perhaps because I am from Texas and Rap-a-Lot has contributed to my community charitable events in the past and the label, like many other labels, are listed on my curriculum vitae. However, my assistant, had no such affiliations at any capacity.

As a career entertainment publicist for nearly two decades, I have been connected to a great deal of famous record labels, artists, athletes, public and political figures.

During the robbery, my backpack was stolen. It was filled with expensive high-end personal items and several important business confidential hard drives that I have yet to see again. My backpack was later recovered in Tekashi 6ix9ine’s home along with the cell phone he filmed the actual incident with himself. This is documented and sworn information per Federal Agents, FBI investigation reports, and all of the court transcripts and testimonies.

As a result of this entire ordeal, I have suffered greatly from mental anguish and emotional distress. So traumatized by this aftermath, that over a year later, I have had a difficult time getting past the incident suffering from what we believe is post-traumatic stress disorder. To add insult to injury, he released the video of me escaping from the clutches of his thugs on social media and it went viral accumulating millions of views as the public laughed. I am a mother and grandmother first and it is so hard to describe what it feels like to survive that occurrence.

Ever since, I find myself unable to do the simple things an adult should do. It’s easy for me to block out my feelings and avoid things that make me uncomfortable. I have emotional, mental and financial problems as this uncomfortable situation has left me displaced without work. I went as far as to leave Texas, hiding in the home of a close friend to avoid the watchful eyes of Tekashi69’s network.

Over a year later, I find I am always scared of people… I cannot be in large crowds for long periods of time. I am constantly worried that when my friends are on the internet they are going to come across the video of me running for my life, escaping the foyer where the gunmen rushed us. This thought, along with me leaving behind my assistant and client, fills me with disgust, shame and embarrassment. I am humiliated and ashamed that this was turned into a viral joke by Tekashi69 for filming off his home, while his thugs did his dirty work to me, a grandmother and my gay assistant.

Everywhere I go I feel judged. I am living in fear each day as the news promotes his release I am more fearful. I had terrible nightmares for a long long time. I would wake up sweating and crying and go to children for comfort. I still get flashbacks sometimes. There are thoughts in my head that are memories of the things that I am about to die. My heart races and I will feel sweaty and then a stronger picture will pop up in my head and I become paralyzed with fear, unable to leave my home once again. With the videos still garnering views, its like I can’t escape, no matter where I am.

I also fear for my assistant who lives in Brooklyn.

Because I’ve had so many bad dreams, I find it hard to sleep when it’s dark. I like to keep the lights on thinking that will protect me from bad dreams. I hate scary movies and sometimes have nightmares for days.

Sometimes I have unreasonable fears that prevent me from doing the normal things.

I had to quit a job I was very successful at. I have had over 20 years working with all sorts of entertainers. Not once have I ever been put in a situation where myself or my team, my clients are in any kind of danger. I am appalled and disgusted by this evil person that is Tekashi69.

[I] had a [job] as a waitress because there was a guy who I thought was always staring at me. I couldn’t stop thinking, did he recognize me? Did he see my pictures somewhere? I was simply too uncomfortable to keep working there.

I am extremely frightened and can no longer successfully work in the music industry and I have since discontinued taking on new clients. I lost the client who was with her in New York; after the robbery he cancelled their contract immediately. My entire career and my assistant and lifelong dreams were destroyed as a result of this horrific event. I have been struggling to get back on my feet.

Financially, I was ruined, which has caused a great deal of stress. I need counseling but unable to afford it. Presently, I am on various anxiety medications and sleep aids. Sadly, I am unable to eat at times, unable to sleep, having nightmares, and has also been suffering from depression.

How much is my life worth? How much was my assistant’s life worth? Did I deserve to die, hundreds of thousands of miles away from my grandchildren? I feel that Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi, is liable and should be held legally and monetarily responsible for emotional distress, damages, losses and so much more. I pray that you can find it in your heart to help this innocent grandmother and recent widow and young man find peace from this entire ordeal and get my life back.


Skyy L. Daniels