‘Everything Gonna Be All White’ Premieres On Showtime And Conservative GOP Mouthpieces Are Mad!

Check out some of the smartest and funniest people of color talk about white supremacy.

As a part of its Black History Month programming, Showtime is premiering a new show called “Everything’s Gonna Be All White,” a three-part docuseries that will explore stereotypes created in America about everyone who doesn’t have white skin.

The show is the brainchild of pioneer Hip-Hop journalist and now film director, Sacha Jenkins and breaks down issues like the true color of Jesus’ skin, Mt. Rushmore, General Custer, the racial disparities in second amendment gun rights, and Jan. 6, U.S. Capitol attack told entirely from the perspective of people of color.

Some of the featured commentators are rappers Roxanne Shante, Willie Dee (Geto Boys), Havoc, the CEO of AllHipHop.com, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, and actress/comedian Amanda Seales.

“What you are about to witness is the embodiment of the collected feelings of folks of color in America. An undistorted view of our collective truth,” says Jenkins, who serves as the director, executive producer, and co-writer. “This is how America has treated us. This is how we feel. Freedom of speech and all of that jazz, buddy! America is all about that.”

Other writers on the show are Gabe Alvarez (Flaco), Djali Brown-Cepeda, Cameron Dennis, and Jon Goodman.

She said to Parade.com, “There are people who are going to hate-watch it to see what us Negroes are talking about. Then there will be people who will watch to feel validated and seen. It can be a very lonely space to know what you know and be continuously gaslit by this country into thinking this is not the case.” 

Seales was right.

Check out Ben Shapiro’s take on the special series.

As soon as news about it dropped, FOX News’ Laura Ingraham got her skirt in a bunch.

“Now, this is what Showtime thinks we all need after two years of suffering through COVID,” Ingraham bemoans. “More divisive racial hate-mongering. Its new docuseries called ‘Everything’s Gonna Be All White’ and features some of the biggest names in the racial industrial complex.”

“So the point, I think, is to remind everyone that even as we emerged from COVID, America has not emerged from her racist past,” she concludes.

Nope, America is not. But shows like this should help remind us that we still got work to do.

“Everything’s Gonna Be All White” debuts on Feb. 11.