Shyne Documentary, “The Honorable: Shyne,” To Be Produced By DJ Khaled

Shyne Barrow

The rapper-turned-politician says the documentary will inspire people and help them overcome adversities.

A Black-led affiliate of Disney and ESPN, Andscape and ColorCreative, is about to begin production on a documentary detailing the extraordinary life of controversial Bad Boy artist, Shyne. As previously reported, Shyne’s journey has taken him for a recording artist to an inmate to becoming the Leader of the Opposition in the Belize House of Representatives and leader of the Belize United Democratic Party.

Now, his life is being made into a film, The Honorable: Shyne. The movie will be directed by Marcus A. Clarke, the man behind projects such as Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali. He also worked on Future’s documentary, The WIZRD.

Per Billboard, the executive producers on the project are DJ Khaled, Ameer Collier, Carolina Groppa, Raina Kelley, James Shani and Talitha Watkins.

Watkins said she believes the movie “paints a comprehensive picture of a man who has overcome immense challenges, to redefine his life, make a positive impact on his community and reconcile with his past.”

Shyne also released a comment on the documentary and what it means to him to have the story of his life on the big screen.

“Immigrating from Belize to Brooklyn as a child left to survive and thrive in the concrete jungle of New York, Hip-Hop had a massive influence on my life, giving me the space and community to explore my creativity and amplify the voice of my pain and purpose,” he said. “The difficult decisions of my life have shaped me into the person I am today, steadfast in my desire to build a better life for the people of Belize and humanity.

“By bringing my story to audiences, I hope to inspire them to find the indomitable spirit within so they can overcome all adversities and be the best version of themselves positively impacting their part of humanity with their unique footprint as I have done through music, faith, and public service.”