Shyne Talks 2012 Election and What Matters to Him



(AllHipHop News) Today is the most important dates in United States politics and just like the rest of the country, rappers are buzzing about today’s presidential election.

Just yesterday, Boston rapper EDO G dropped a diss track aimed at hometown Governor Mitt Romney, in support of President Barack Obama. 

Today, former U.S. resident Moses “Shyne” Levi weighed in on today’s presidential election and who he hopes will be the next leader of the United States.

“It really boils down to my feelings on the President’s foreign policy. I feel [that] he is dangerous for the world.. The American economy is not going to find the stability it needs to grow if you have a leader like Barack Obama,” Shyne told “He is naive, he’s just not up to it. America has never played the side line when it came to foreign policy. When it came to international affairs , America has always been on the forefront. The President of the United States is supposed to be the most powerful man on the planet”

Shyne does not believe President Barack Obama deserves a second term and believes that we should give Mitt Romney a chance to prove himself

“People vote along the lines of abortion, I vote along those lines. People may say what is Romney is going to do, but I feel he deserves a chance. Obama had his chance. He came with all his “Yes We Can” “Theres Going to be a Change” and I didn’t see that. I didn’t see none of that. To me he’s a great talker. He’s all rhetoric, articulate and a great orator. But where I’m from talk don’t mean nothing ..Shyne can’t get a second chance..Obama can’t get a second. I don’t get a second chance right? I made one mistake and I’m paying for it 15 years later.”

Watch the exclusive interview with Shyne on today’s election here:

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