Silento Deemed Too Dangerous To Be Released From Prison After Allegedly Killing His Cousin

Silento will not be getting out of prison, despite his lawyer’s best attempt to free the rapper, who is accused of killing his cousin in January.

The rapper responsible for the 2015 hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” won’t be getting out of jail no time soon.

Stone Mountain native Silento is currently incarcerated on a murder charge. He went before a Dekalb County judge during a bond hearing to petition for his release.

However, the court deemed him too mentally unstable to be let out.

Silento, whose real name is Richard Lamar “Ricky” Hawk, has a history of mental health challenges and is known not to take his meds to help regulate his psychological wellness.

The 23-year old’s lawyers acknowledge that he suffered from bipolar disorder and has been struggling for years. His lawyers also argued that he has also urged kids to say no to drugs and alcohol as a part of Georgia’s Blue Ribbon panel.

Despite this attempt, the courts ruled that for the safety of the larger public he should remain locked up, four months after initially being arrested for allegedly killing his cousin, Frederick Rooks.

It was at that time that his publicist, Chanel Hudson, asked for fans to send him “positive vibrations.”

She also called him a “beautiful soul” and stated that he and his family, during this troubling time, needed to be “lifted in prayer.”