Slick Rick Pays Homage To The Four Female Rappers He Calls “The Truth”

Slick Rick

Slick Rick marked Women’s History Month by celebrating four female spitters with an “impeccable pen game, artistry and legacies.”

Slick Rick paid tribute to the female emcees with the sickest pen game in hip-hop to commemorate Women’s History Month. 

The legendary rapper used his platform to celebrate the talented women of hip-hop. He highlighted Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Eve, and Nicki Minaj, celebrating their artistry and legacies with a Twitter post on Tuesday (Mar. 15). 

“These ladies are the truth,” Rick penned. “Paying homage to their impeccable pen game, artistry and legacies.” The Ruler added the hashtag #WomensHistoryMonth and linked to an International Women’s Day playlist on YouTube.  

Nicki Minaj responded to Slick Rick, telling him: “If you only knew how much I love you.” She also shared a sweet story from her childhood, recalling her mom hearing her rap the “Mona Lisa” lyrics. 

“Slicker than the guy w|da thing on his eye. ~ If you only knew how much I love you. 🎀 the 1st rap I ever learned was #MonaLisa. 1 day I rapped it to my mthr & when I got to the part about “a virgin?” My mthr looked @ me like I lost my damn mind. I didn’t know what that meant 🤯” 

Slick Rick told Nicki, “Keep shining sis. One love Queen! 👑” 

Slick Rick Downplays His Legacy  

Meanwhile, the iconic hip-hop storyteller remains humble about his own legendary status. During a recent interview, Slick Rick revealed has a different perception of his legacy to that of the culture. 

“That’s like Billy Joel, or Tony Bennett,” he told Office Magazine. “Someone people feel nostalgic over—that’s a legacy. But that’s not me. Some people just have the ability to draw in others without having to act young, or rely on some s### they did forty years ago.” 

He also explained his formula for creating music, and it’s all about his happiness. “I look at myself as my audience,” he shared. “As long as I entertain myself, and cure myself of boredom, then I feel I can present whatever it is I’m doing to the public.” Slick Rick said it’s not about the money, rather he works to cure himself of boredom.