Smokepurpp Demands $9 Million From Kanye West For Writing Hit Song “I Love It”


Is the rapper double-backing on compensation claims? Thought “got money …”

Rapper Smokepurpp blasted Kanye West on social media for money he says the billionaire owes him. However, at one time, he told people he got paid lovely from a collab that he did with the Chicago rapper.

On his Instagram, Smokepurpp rapper took to Instagram Stories to remind Yeezy he owes him $9 million for what most sources believe is for his contribution to the 2018 song “I Love It” with Lil Pump.

On the hit Billboard Hot 100, Smokepurpp is not listed as an artist but is credited as a writer. The artist claims that he has not received any money for his contribution after four years.

“Kanye, you still owe me like $9 million, n##ga,” he said. In a separate clip, he repeated, “Kanye, n##ga, you owe me like $9 million, n##ga. Hit my line, n##ga, or my lawyer’s gonna hit your lawyer.”

Shortly afterward, he posted an image of a Wikipedia page verifying his contribution to the song, saying, “Receipts ion gotta cap for the internet.”

This is not the first time Purpp has talked about working on the song, but in the past, he made it seem like he was already paid.

In an interview with Adam 22 of No Jumper, he revealed, “The ‘I Love It’ s##t … I wrote that s##t.”

He told the host about the magic that happened on his off-and-on friend Lil Pump’s birthday. Kanye called Pump and said, “he wanted to make a song ’bout this, and I just wrote a song…it randomly came out.”

Purpp says Kanye really liked what he wrote. Adam asked if the artist received points on the song since it charted on Billboard, actually hitting #6 (though the host says #1), and Purpp said, “Yeah, I do.”

When asked about songwriting credit, he said he got that also, saying, “Yeah, man. I get money.”

Adam then said, “You’re caked up off it?” and the young rapper said, “Yeah.”

Kanye has not responded about the validity of Purpp’s claims or if he was capping in the No Jumper interview.