Snoop Dogg Pays Tribute To Suge Knight On New Album

Snoop Dogg gives props to the imprisoned boss of Death Row Records, who is currently serving a 27-year-prison sentence for murder.

Snoop Dogg’s next album will feature a surprise tribute to his former rival, Suge Knight.

“Take It From A G,” which will drop in December, includes the track “Let Bygones Be Bygones,” in which the rapper gets nostalgic about the incarcerated former Death Row Records CEO.

“Studio every night to the early morn/Bloods and Crips all moving on one accord/Cuz did that/took Death Row to the top, my boys did that!”

Snoop also commends Suge for bailing late rap star Tupac Shakur out of prison in 1996 and signing him to his label, which at the time featured Snoop and Dr. Dre.

“I was at the motherfking top/When I hit my nga Suge and said you need to grab Pac,” the “Gin & Juice” hitmaker spits.

Snoop announced the news about his latest album over the weekend in a video posted on social media.

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