Snoop Dogg Is Planning To Launch His Own Music Festival



(AllHipHop News) Rapper Snoop Dogg is interested in holding a festival in his father’s hometown of Mississippi.

The hip-hop star stopped in Magnolia, Mississippi over the weekend to meet with the city’s mayor Anthony Witherspoon and to hold a discussion about the feasibility of a hosting a new music festival, tentatively titled Snoop Fest.

“We always stop in New Orleans but we never book a show here (in Mississippi). We might as well do it ourselves because my booking agent just won’t do it,” he said, according to The Associated Press.

He explained that he visits Mississippi three or four times a year to visit family and he didn’t just want to put on a simple concert for locals, as he believes they deserve more.

“I want to do something so that everyone will get to see me,” he shared. “If I wanted to do a show and leave, I could’ve done that. I wanted to do something to make a mark here. I just wanted to make an impact on the people here because I know how much I mean to them.”

The 45-year-old plans to have blues, gospel and country acts on the first day and hip-hop and R&B on the second day, when he would close the festival.

“I think the first should have what the heritage of Mississippi is about and then the second day should be about the generation that took it to another level,” he continued.

He also hopes Mississippi natives such as Brandy Norwood and her singer brother Ray J, as well as rapper Soulja Boy, would come back to perform.

Witherspoon told the outlet they wanted to get the festival “done this year” but if that isn’t possible, they will “definitely” do it in 2018.