Snoop Dogg Says His Bid To Purchase Ottawa Senators “Ain’t No Joke” 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg explained his interest in the NHL Team: “Kids need to know that there is an option to play hockey if you look like me.”

Snoop Dogg has opened up about his desire to own an NHL team and says his bid with entrepreneur Neko Sparks and other investors to try to buy the NHL’s Ottawa Senators is the real deal.  

While some believed the Death Row Records honcho was engaged in a publicity stunt when news of his interest first broke, Snoop Dogg insisted the reports are real.  

“This ain’t no joke or no gimmick,” Snoop Dogg said during a recent interview with The Athletic. “Or an image or likeness play. This is a real ownership play.” 

The West Coast icon began seriously considering joining the ownership group led by Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks earlier this year.  

“Once we started talking and building, we formed a plan to partner up and say, ‘Let’s do this together. Let’s join forces and try and get the Ottawa Senators,’” said Snoop Dogg. “We can make a difference in Ottawa and the NHL.” 

Snoop Dogg plans to make an impact in the city stating, “My role in Ottawa would be a community activist.” He also pledged to attend Senators home games “at least six times a year” and teased, “If we make the playoffs, you’ll see me at least 10 times a year.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Snoop Dogg said he wants to get involved with youth hockey. “Because I never had hockey offered to me as a kid,” he shared.  

Snoop Dogg Wants More Opportunities In The U.S. For “Kids That Look Like Me”

During an appearance on Tuesday on ESPN’s “First Take,” Snoop Dogg announced his plans to promote youth hockey in the United States.  

He said he’s seen an increase in the number of Black players in his 25 years as a fan. “But I’m not seeing it being offered to the kids over here in America,” Snoop Dogg explained. “And then the plan that we have is to also go and build a Snoop Youth hockey league outside of Canada, so kids in urban communities can learn about hockey, can play the sport, and find ways to get into this great thing that’s called hockey.”  

He added, “Because right now the NBA and the NHL is having some great playoff games and the kids need to know that there is an option to play hockey if you look like me.” Watch the clip below.