Snoop Dogg Avoids Legal Trouble; Jane Doe’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s team called the sexual assault lawsuit a “shakedown” after Jane Doe pursued legal action against him in 2022.

A woman suffered a legal defeat in her sexual assault lawsuit against Snoop Dogg.

According to Radar Online, a judge dismissed the alleged victim’s lawsuit. She reportedly missed the deadline to refile an amended complaint, resulting in the case getting thrown out of federal court.

The woman, who filed the lawsuit as a Jane Doe, can still pursue some of her claims in state court. But most of her complaints were dismissed entirely.

Jane Doe originally sued Snoop Dogg and his associate Bishop Don “Magic” Juan in February 2022. She claimed both men forced her to perform oral sex in May 2013.

The alleged victim dropped the lawsuit in April 2022. She refiled her case against Snoop Dogg in July 2022 and accused Don Juan of pimping out women for the rapper.

“[Don Juan] engaged in and conspired in a common scheme and enterprise of recruiting, enticing, providing, transporting, soliciting, and forcing [Jane Doe] and individuals similarly situated to [her], with the intent that [Jane Doe] engage in sexual activities with Defendants Snoop Dogg and [Don Juan], in exchange for access to employment with Defendants, including but are not limited to dancing and appearing on Defendants’ concerts, promoting Defendants’ shows, hosting Defendants’ shows and appearing on Defendants’ shows such as GGN,” Jane Doe’s lawyers argued.

Snoop Dogg denied the allegations. His spokesperson called the lawsuit “meritless.”