Snoop Dogg Shows Off A Day’s Worth Of Blunts While Watching Premiere Of His New “Monday Night Football” Theme Song 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg joined forces with Chris Stapleton and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana on the new theme song of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.” 

Snoop Dogg may be overseas on tour, but that doesn’t mean he has to ditch all his usual habits, including smoking on a blunt or two while watching ESPN’s Monday Night Football. 

However, this week’s episode was extra special, opening with the new theme song featuring the Doggfather himself. Snoop Dogg joined forces with Chris Stapleton and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana for a new rendition of the Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight.” 

Check out Snoop’s verse on the new theme song below.

The network confirmed their rendition is the new theme song of ESPN’s Monday Night Football. The song will continue for future broadcasts. The track premiered ahead of the New Orleans Saints game against the Carolina Panthers on Monday night (September 18) on ESPN. Viewers got another chance to see Snoop Dogg and his collaborators’ new theme song an hour later to kick off the Browns vs. Steelers game on ABC.  

Snoop Dogg Lines Up His Blunts For “Monday Night Football”

Although he’s currently in the Netherlands on the European Leg of his world tour, Snoop Dogg made time for Monday Night Football. He shared a video from his hotel room where he was watching the Steelers game, praising T.J. Watt for making Steelers history to become the team’s all-time sack leader. 

“Let me show you what I been doing today. All in a day’s work,” Snoop Dogg shared before showing off his handiwork. He panned the camera down to his windowsill, where he had the remains of 11 blunts neatly lined up in a row.  

“Ooh wow. That’s some good work dawg,” Snoop said, complimenting himself. “What kinda pack was it? Death Row. What a brotherhood.”  Watch the clip below.

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While there have been claims Snoop smokes up to 150 blunts a day, the roaches he left on Monday are more in line with how much the Death Row Records honcho says he actually smokes. He shared a video in November 2022 featuring ten half-used joints lying on a table. 

“This is all in a day’s work,” Snoop Dogg declared, refuting rumors he smokes much more.