Snoop Dogg & Steve Aoki Announce ‘Da Da’ EP As Alpha Doggz

The two music industry veterans have a 5-track collaborative project.

Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg and EDM pioneer Steve Aoki teamed up to form Alpha Doggz.

Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki will release their debut Da Da EP. The duo’s project is slated for release on May 23 exclusively via blockchain-based Gala Music and in partnership with Death Row Records.

“We plan on giving people access to buying and trading some of these classic songs, classic records that were the foundation of Death Row,” said Snoop Dogg during a Gala Music-hosted AMA session in March.

The D-O-Double-G added, “We [also] plan on bringing great music and great artists [to the label]. This is what Death Row is all about, trying to expand and take it to new regions.”

Gala Music x Snoop Stash Box holders will receive the exclusive free Da Da song “Super Freak” featuring October London. A0K1VERSE Passport holders will receive the “Holy Grail” single. On May 23, the remaining tracks – “Da Da,” “Girls” and “How I Do It” – will be available to the public.

Snoop Dogg’s discography already contains albums such as 1993’s Doggystyle, 1996’s Tha Doggfather, 1998’s Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told, 2000’s Tha Last Meal, 2006’s Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, 2013’s Reincarnated, and 2022’s BODR. In addition, Snoop Dogg Presents Algorithm came out last year.

Steve Aoki previously dropped the projects Wonderland in 2012, Neon Future I in 2014, Neon Future II in 2015, Steve Aoki Presents Kolony in 2017, Neon Future III in 2018, and Neon Future IV in 2020. The deejay also has several EPs in his catalog.