Snoop Dogg Rep Looking Forward To Disproving Jane Doe’s Latest Claims

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has vowed to fight a re-filed lawsuit by a Jane Doe accuser who claims she was assaulted by the rapper and his longtime friend Bishop Don Magic Juan!

Snoop Dogg’s accuser has re-filed her sexual assault lawsuit against him three months after dismissing the case, and the rapper is ready to fight. 

A spokesperson for the “Gin and Juice” rapper said the updated lawsuit was “meritless” and “riddled with and predicated upon falsehoods and inaccuracies” and said he was looking forward to disproving the allegations.

“It follows Jane Doe’s attorney’s voluntarily dismissing just a few months ago her previous complaint on the alleged matter. He also dismissed an earlier complaint – this is the third try. Snoop Dogg looks forward to proving the falsity of these allegations,” a rep for the rapper told Radar.

The alleged victim – referred to as Jane Doe – filed a lawsuit against the rapper and his associate, pimp-turned-Christian minister Bishop Don’ Magic’ Juan, in February, claiming they both forced her to give them oral sex in 2013.

In April, she dropped the case “without prejudice,” meaning she could re-file it later, and she did so earlier this week by re-filing the lawsuit in a Los Angeles federal court.

“We have obtained new information which we believe adds significant credibility and corroboration to the alleged scheme of Defendants and the alleged acts they took against my client and others,” Doe’s attorney, Matt E.O. Finkelberg, told the Los Angeles Times via email on Thursday.

“We believe that this new information stated in the complaint, which includes details of what allegedly happened to other alleged victims, including an alleged attempted rape against an alleged victim by Defendant Snoop Dogg, is important and demonstrates how serious our claims are,” Finkelberg said.

The updated filing includes the sexual assault, sexual battery, and sex-trafficking claims from the original and new allegations of defamation, infliction of emotional distress, and unlawful retaliation in violation of California labor codes.