Snoop, Tour Manager Sued For Allegedly Abusing Female Driver


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Snoop Dogg and blogger Perez Hilton are being sued by a female driver, who claims that she was verbally and physically abused by Snoop Dogg’s tour manager.

Plaintiff Kim McGee filed the lawsuit in the District Court of Travis County Texas, on March 15.

The lawsuit claims that Snoop Dogg’s tour manager Frank Palomino assaulted McGee during a dispute before the rap star performed at Perez Hilton’s event, during the 2010 SXSW music conference/festival.

According to the lawsuit, Kim McGee was hired by local transportation company C3 to provide transportation services for Snoop Dogg and his entourage during the event in Austin, Texas.

McGee claims that tour manager Frank Palomino became verbally abusive while she was transporting Snoop from his hotel room to the venue, for the performance with Perez Hilton.

Because of this incident, McGee decided that she would no longer serve as Snoop Dogg’s driver while he was in Austin, Texas.

When she informed Palomino that she would no longer be driving, he took the disagreement up a notch and allegedly grabbed her, lifted her off the ground, shook her violently and pulled out several locks of her hair.

The lawsuit claims that Palomino then threw the woman to the ground, where she struck her head.

McGee claims she was then dragged across the room and held against her will.

McGee claims that all of this was witnessed by Snoop Dogg and other employees of C3, who failed to intervene, call police or identify Palomino as the suspect to detectives who were investigating the matter.

“Snoop Dogg failed to properly institute training in this regard and/or failed to provide the supervision necessary to see that such training was utilized on the night of the incident at issue in this suit. It was foreseeable that this type of action would occur, given the history of Snoop Dogg and/or his employees in this respect.”

Kim McGee is suing for assault by infliction of bodily injury, assault by physical offensive contact, false imprisonment by Snoop Dogg and Frank Palomino and negligence.