UPDATE: Snootie Wild Dead After Getting Shot

snootie wild

A representative for Memphis rapper Snootie Wild revealed he’s fighting for his life after news surfaced about him getting shot.

Kia Shine has revealed Snootie Wild has died from gunshot wounds he sustained in Houston.

Fellow Memphis rapper Kia Shine shared information about the situation via Instagram on Friday (February 25). Earlier in the day, a friend of Snootie Wild revealed he got shot in the neck in a Facebook post.

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A post shared by Kia Shine (@kinfolk_kiashine)

“I’m praying for my #Memphis kinfolk @snootiewild,” Kia Shine wrote. “He was shot in houston in the neck and torso and is in critical condition. #snootiewild #KiaShine.”

A representative for Snootie Wild, whose real name is LePreston Porter, spoke out on his behalf via Facebook. The rep asserted the gold-selling artist wasn’t dead but noted he was fighting for his life.

“Snootie is not DEAD!” his rep announced. “But he is fighting for his life. Out of respect for the family, please refrain from sharing anything that is not communicated through his official accounts. Thank you.”

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A post shared by Snootie Wild (@snootiewild)

The Facebook message was also posted on the rapper’s Instagram account. His rep didn’t mention anything about the shooting.

Unfortunately, Snootie died today after a valiant fight.

Snootie Wild, who came home from prison last year, is best known for his hit single “Yayo” featuring Yo Gotti.

The song was originally released as a solo track and caught the attention of Gotti, who signed the Memphis native to CMG as part of a joint deal with Epic Records.