Social Media Reacts To Viral TikTok Sensation Pinkydoll’s New Rap Song “Yes Popcorn”  


Pinkydoll is launching a new career, teasing a snippet from her upcoming rap song “Yes Popcorn” following her success as an NPC streamer.  

Pinkydoll was the talk of social media this summer when she went viral with her TikTok NPC livestreams where viewers purchase GIFs in exchange for her reaction. 

Clips of the Canadian TikToker popping popcorn with a hair straightener while parroting robotic catchphrases like “Got me feeling like a cowgirl,” and “Ice cream, so good,” circulated online and even caught the eye of Timbaland.  

It seems Pinkydoll now has aspirations of launching a rap career following her newfound attention. On Sunday (November 12) the NPC streamer posted a video of herself singing along to her new track in the studio. She captioned the video “Yes popcorn,” seemingly the title of the track, as the hook features her singing the phrase repeatedly. Check out the clip below.  


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♬ original sound – Pinkydoll

The video soon began circulating on X, with users giving feedback, and many were not impressed.  

“Music is no longer a real thing,” one person wrote. “I’m about to shut down my socials this [poo emoji] is out of hand,” added another.  

However, not everybody was against Pinkydoll’s new song with some defending her attempt to capitalize off her notoriety.  

“nah anything goes these days. so much trash out making millions,” an X user shared. “If she wants to put a song out that plays to her notoriety, I wish her nothing but the bag. Strike while your hot and live comfortably when you’re not.” 

Cardi B Allegedly Shows Love To Pinkydoll

Last month, Pinkydoll claimed Cardi B reached out to her on Instagram to show love. She posted a video on TikTik sharing a screenshot of a 41-second voice note she said the “Bongos” hitmaker sent her.  

Although she didn’t play the recording, Pinkydoll did describe what was said.  

“Girl, I saw you coming. It was magical. That blow up you did? It was crazy. I f### with you, I rock with you. Keep going.” Cardi allegedly said. 


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♬ original sound – Pinkydoll