Social Media Users React To Floyd Mayweather Stating “I’m Here To Say All Lives Matter”


(AllHipHop News) Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is catching heat for sharing his thoughts about a social issue.

During a recent Mayweather Promotions event, Mayweather seemed to dismiss the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality.

“I’m here to say all lives matter,” said the retired prize fighter. “A lot of times, we get stuck and we’re followers. When you hear one person say ‘black lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter’ – all lives matter.”

He continued, “What I learned from boxing and what everyone can take in real life is to follow directions, follow orders. Don’t give nobody a hard time.”.

Mayweather was also asked about the highly publicized National Anthem protest by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“Kaepernick needs to try and get the starting job. Stand up, and get the starting job. That’s what he needs to focus on,” responded Floyd. “I can’t knock him. If that’s what he believes in and the people stand behind him, so be it. He’s got the number one selling jersey, so it’s obvious he’s doing something right.”

The 49ers have since named Kaepernick as the starting QB for the team’s upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills.

Some Twitter users did defend Mayweather’s comments, but most of the responses from people on the social media platform were critical of the 39-year-old.

Charlamagne Tha God was one of the critics to take aim at Floyd. The Breakfast Club host gave Mayweather “Donkey Of The Day” for his all lives matter speech.