Sony Execs Make Fun Of Jaden And Willow Smith


Jaden and Willow Smith have been mentioned in the latest distasteful leaked emails of exchanges between Sony execs.

TriStar chairman Tom Rothman sent an email to president of SPE’s Motion Picture Group Doug Belgrad about the New York Times interview the two did called “Jaden and Willow Smith on Prana Energy, Time and Why School Is Overrated.”  In the piece, they spoke about their musical processes, time being relative and reading pre-dated texts, but what stuck out the most was what the two home-schooled siblings thought about going to regular school.  Willow said she went to school for one year and it was depressing while her big bro Jaden said school’s not authentic because it comes to an end.

In the email that Rothman sent, he joked to Belgrad about not having the Smith kids in their movies.


willo jaden email


This is just one of the many leaked emails where the Sony execs have dissed celebrities. In the emails that have been exposed, Rothman, Belgrad and Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal have sounded off on Angelina Jolie and Kevin Hart, who they called “money hungry” and a “w####.”