Soulja Boy Goes Off On Charleston White After Getting Sprayed With Mace During Confrontation

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy went off on social media “influencer” and former “gangster” Charleston White after he sprayed the rapper with mace.

Rapper Soulja Boy was recently assaulted by social media breakout influencer Charleston White.

The “She Make It Clap” chart-topper has taken to social media and commented on the incident.

A video of the incident leaked to the internet. It seemed as though the rapper pulled up on the influencer and got maced in the face.

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Soulja Boy addressed it in a video on Instagram Live by first declaring that he didn’t want “no smoke with none of you n#####.”

“If I knew you were going to get on the Internet … talk all this gangster s### … all this crazy s### … and then reach in your girl purse and start spraying pepper spray in the air and then start running,” he would have never entertained the beef, the rapper declared.

According to the Atlanta native, who addressed the incident to his followers in back of a few stacks of money, White was “scary as hell.”

Allegedly, after being approached by Soulja and around ten of his friends, White grabbed the mace out of his girlfriend’s purse and started running.

About 6,200 people tuned in to hear another fantastical account from one of the best storytellers in the world: Big Draco.

He dramatically demonstrated White running “like it was a trail,” denying that he had 10 to 12 men with him when he approached.

Seemingly unfazed, Soulja Boy promoted his new album dropping on July 28th, the same day as his birthday.