Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Beef Could Turn Into A Boxing Match For Charity


(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are still at each other’s throats on social media, with the threats of a fight flying back and forth.

Soulja claims Chris Brown is mad over the fact that he liked a picture Chris’ ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

As previously reported, the pair have been threatening each other all morning and now have resorted to leaking their personal information all over the Internet.

In another, now deleted message, Soulja posted an Instagram video of a conversation with a woman reportedly associated with Chris Brown, who labeled Karrueche a “hoe.”

“He called me, calling me a b##ch, I didn’t do anything to this man,” Soulja Boy said grinning. “I said I tried to squash it, I ‘look bro I apologize for liking Karrueche’s picture. I know she ain’t your girl no more, but she used to be your girl, my bad. He said ‘naw n##ga we gotta fight.'”

Soulja says he has to reply since Chris Brown leaked the Atlanta rapper’s info to his millions of followers.

Chris even posted a now deleted video of himself threatening Soulja Boy with a man a group of armed men who claimed to be associated with the Piru gang.

Chris followed that post with one that was a little bit softer in its stance.

“Hey there guys to all my white van and all the parents out there looking at this and looking down upon me, we gonna fight for charity,” Chris Brown promised. “We going to make sure all these proceeds go to charity, one so that this point right here is made. we never going to make another one of them n##as. so we got to give all the money to all the kids that need it so they can be successful.”

Soulja has apparently accepted the challenge.

Over the last week, Chris has been rather vocal over social media about his desire to have Karrueche back.