Soulja Boy Claims He’s the New Owner of Atari. Atari Begs to Differ

Soulja Boy Game Console

Rapper Soulja Boy took to IG live to reveal that he is the new owner of Atari, claiming to have made a deal with the company. Atari disagree.

Rapper Soulja Boy took to IG live to reveal that he is the new owner of Atari! In the video, Soulja said that the company, impressed by the success of his SouljaGames console, reached out to him to make a deal.  

He continued saying that he’s selling his current gaming company for a massive $140 million. He said he has signed two deals with Atari proclaiming, “I’m the owner! First rapper to own a video game company!”  

He then goes on to make the elaborate assertion, “We gone’ take it to the next level just like we did SouljaGames.” The “She Make it Clap” rapper then thanked his fans saying he couldn’t do it without them.  

Listen to Soulja Boy’s bold claims!

He also reveals that new SODMG Records signee, Chet Hanks, has some “fire” new music on the way. In an unexpected move, he says the project will be a country music album. SODMG is the recently revamped record label Soula Boy founded in 2014. He also said that another of his artists, Skinnyfromthe9 has new music coming too.  

He goes on to say that a new SOD group album is in the works and maybe even a SOD movie.  

However, don’t be too quick to take Soulja’s claims at face value. Atari took to Twitter last night and appeared to address Soulja’s comments saying, “We know that CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen,” 

Whether or not Soulja has some sort of working relationship with Atari remains to be seen. Soulja has been making attempts to conquer the gaming industry for some years, maybe this plan will work out for him!