Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Gets Stamp Of Approval To Seize Rapper’s Cars And Cash

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy claimed he could not pay his ex-girlfriend the punitive damages she won in a lawsuit against him, but the judge disagreed.

Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers received permission to seize his property to satisfy a six-figure judgment won in a civil trial. According to Radar Online, a judge granted a motion allowing officers to enter the rapper’s Los Angeles area home to seize his vehicles and some cash on behalf of Myers.

The judge did not sign off on all cash being taken from Soulja Boy’s house. Officers were told to only seize cash in excess of $1,000.

Myers sought the judge’s help to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from Soulja Boy, whom she sued for a 2019 assault. Last April, a jury awarded her roughly $236,000 in damages and another $236,000 in punitive damages in the civil case.

Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Way, claimed he could not cover the punitive damages in his current financial situation. A judge denied his motion to dismiss the punitive damages, insisting the rapper had the ability to pay off the debt.

“Defendant must be earning money from somewhere sufficient to pay for the rent and whatever other monthly expenses he has,” the judge said. “In other words, defendant is paying $300,000/year in rent alone. It stands to reason that he must have some other living expenses. And that money must come from somewhere.”

The judge advised Soulja Boy to find more modest accommodations to ease his alleged financial strain.