Soulja Boy Loses Trial To Ex-Girlfriend Accusing Him Of Abuse; Must Pay $235K

Soulja Boy

Jurors sided with Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers, who sued him for allegedly assaulting her at a party in 2019.

A Los Angeles jury awarded Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers more than $235,000 after she sued him for alleged abuse.

According to Radar Online, jurors determined Soulja Boy acted with “malice, oppression or fraud” in a verdict reached on April 21. The jury ordered him to pay $234,100 for pain and suffering as well as $1,800 for mental health expenses.

The rapper may end up paying more money to Myers. This week, jurors will decide on punitive damages in the civil trial.

Myers claimed Soulja Boy attacked her at a party in 2019. She accused him of punching her and beating her with a gun.

Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend said his assistant Tevin Anderson tied her to a chair with extension chords and held her hostage for six hours. Anderson allegedly told her he’d let her go if she performed a sexual act on him. She complied to escape and called the cops.

Myers revealed she suffered three fractured ribs and a bruised face. Her ex-boyfriend never faced criminal charges for the alleged assault. Police did find weapons in his home, resulting in a probation violation.

Soulja Boy denied any wrongdoing in response to Myers’ lawsuit. He blamed a third party for causing her injuries.