Soulja Boy Reacts To Lil Durk Not Dropping ‘Almost Healed’ Album

Soulja Boy

The “Crank That” hitmaker also has more words for NBA YoungBoy.

Many fans of Lil Durk expected the Chicago-bred rapper to drop his latest album today (May 12). However, Almost Healed will not land on DSPs until May 26. Soulja Boy reacted to the move.

This past week saw Lil Durk involved in a social media feud with Soulja Boy as well as longtime rival YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Both Soulja and NBA YoungBoy released projects at midnight.

Some Hip Hop followers looked forward to Durk’s Almost Healed, YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s Richest Opp, and Soulja Boy’s Soulja Season competing for sales and online attention.

While listeners were ready to compare those bodies of work, Soulja Boy took issue with Almost Healed and Richest Opp possibly dropping on the same date as Soulja Season. In fact, the Twitch streamer called out Durk and YoungBoy.

“Nobody trying to hear that s###. Drop that s### next month. Matter of fact, don’t even drop that s###. Unrelease that s###. Take that s### off iTunes. Y’all n##### in the way,” ranted SB in a video posted to the internet.

Soulja Boy went on to predict that Soulja Season would outsell Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy’s respective projects. Now that Durk’s album is officially set to arrive on May 26, Soulja again addressed the “All My Life” rhymer.

“Shoutout Durk for pushing his album back. Real N#### 💯‼️” tweeted Soulja Boy overnight. Additionally, Soulja responded to a viral message from YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

A clip of Soulja Boy telling his fans not to compare him to Lil Durk or NBA YoungBoy spread across the internet. SB also pointed out that neither man have a hit as big as his “Crank That” record from 2007.

In response, YoungBoy Never Broke Again commented, “That’s a fact! I swear it’s [going to] be nice to meet you too.” Soulja fired back, “N#### this ain’t no meet and greet.”