Soulja Boy To Kanye West: I Was The First Rapper With Kim Kardashian

Big Draco also brings up Donald Trump and Taylor Swift.

Soulja Boy has had his foot on Kanye West’s neck all week, and he is not letting up. In fact, the “Crank That” hitmaker made his one-sided beef with Ye extremely personal.

“I might diss [you every day] for the rest of my life how I’m feeling @kanyewest,” tweeted Soulja Boy on Tuesday. The 31-year-old rapper is apparently upset about not being featured on West’s new Donda album.

Soulja Boy then mentioned Kanye West’s estranged wife. It is not clear at the moment if West and Kim Kardashian plan to continue with their divorce, but that did not stop Soulja from tagging Kardashian on Twitter.

“I was the first rapper [with] @KimKardashian not [you] 😉 @kanyewest 😂,” tweeted Soulja Boy, along with a photo of himself and Kim Kardashian.

Over the course of several hours, Soulja Boy took repeated shots at Kanye West on social media. He even brought up West’s controversial support for former President Donald Trump and his infamous on-stage interruption at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

“[You] p####. [You] really wore that Trump hat too. You did a lot of corny s### in [your] career and got a pass. B#### ass n#### apologize to Taylor Swift @kanyewest,” tweeted the reality show star also known as Big Draco.

Soulja Boy added, “If u would have [run] on stage and snatched a mic from my hand I would have knocked yo ass out live on MTV @kanyewest.” West has yet to respond to the Atlanta-raised s### starter.