Soulja Boy’s Former Dentist Reacts To Viral Photo Of His Teeth

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy needed significant work on his teeth as seen in before-and-after photos released by his dentist.

Soulja Boy went viral after a dentist shared before-and-after photos of his teeth.

Social media users were shocked to see Soulja Boy’s teeth, which were fixed by Encino Dental Smile in California. People raised questions about the 32-year-old rapper’s tooth decay, so AllHipHop spoke with his former dentist Dr. Catrise Austin to get her opinion on what happened to him.

“Soulja Boy paid me a visit back in the early 2000s in my New York office and his teeth were not as dark and chipped as they are in this photo,” she said. “The #1 question that I’ve gotten is … if these are his teeth, how did they get so dark and chipped?”

According to Dr. Austin, Soulja Boy may have avoided going to the dentist during the pandemic.

“First, it appears that it had been a while since he had seen a dentist for a professional teeth cleaning,” she told AllHipHop. “But during the pandemic, many people didn’t make it for their six-month check-up and cleaning. He could’ve also removed the stains and plaque off his teeth a bit better at home with brushing with an electric toothbrush, flossing and by using the right type of home teeth whitening products for everyday maintenance.”

She added, “Common oral habits like smoking, drinking or eating foods that stain, wearing grills, teeth grinding, or misusing his teeth to open/crack things could have contributed to the chipped teeth.”

Dr. Austin, who fixed Cardi B’s teeth, also addressed how dentists were able to give Soulja Boy a pearly white smile again.

“Another reason for the severe darkness could be cavities,” she explained. “The teeth were dead or dying due to nerve damage, or taking certain antibiotics that stain like tetracycline. When you have severe discolorations like Soulja, teeth whitening alone usually isn’t enough.”

She continued, “You need to upgrade to either porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of porcelain that just goes over the front of the teeth like a contact lens, or upgrade to a porcelain crown which is thicker and can hide almost any color! With a dental consult and X-rays, a cosmetic dentist can tell you which is best to improve your smile like Soulja!”

Check out Soulja Boy’s teeth below.

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