EXCLUSIVE: Special Ed Calls Out “Vultures And Vampires” Involved In Hip-Hop 50

Special Ed

Special Ed explained his issues with some of the people behind the Hip-Hop 50 celebrations in an interview with AllHipHop.

Special Ed wasn’t pleased with the celebrations of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary. The creator of the Hip-Hop classic “I Got It Made” condemned certain people involved in the festivities in an interview with AllHipHop.

“There’s a lot of vultures and vampires out here sucking the blood out of everything,” Special Ed told AllHipHop. “People that are really not as vested to Hip-Hop as you would think, but they rep Hip-Hop … And they out here to also take advantage of the people. They overcharging for shows, they overcharging for tickets. And then they not really including all the artists that are deserving and have given their lives for this culture.”

He added, “They have shown no respect to the dead that have literally given their lives for this culture all the way dating back from the beginning of Hip-Hop till now. We have a lot of artists that need to be recognized and need to be appreciated in this 50th celebration.”

Special Ed raised concerns about longstanding exploitation in Hip-Hop. He believed serious problems were swept under the rug amid the celebrations.

“I understand it’s a celebration, but it’s not a celebration for all,” he said. “Like even for me, I feel like, ‘Yo, this is 50 years of abuse. 50 years of financial and economic abuse. 50 years of manipulation and 50 years of fabrication.’ Just a lot of falsifying going on. A lot of claims, a lot of people claimed to have started this, invented that, did that. And they ain’t did s### but sucked the blood out of a stone!”

Check out Special Ed on the AllHipHop podcast below.