Spike Lee Fears Donald Trump May End Up Killing People

Spike Lee says “Agent Orange” and his reckless medical advice is going to cost thousands of American lives.

(AllHipHop News) Spike Lee is concerned Americans have died following President Donald Trump unscientific health advice during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The U.S. leader’s response to the health crisis has been heavily criticized, including his claim to be using the non-approved drug hydroxychloroquine, as well as his suggestion it could possibly be cured by injecting disinfectant drawing condemnation from health experts.

Spike, who has nicknamed America’s leader, “Agent Orange” after the weaponized chemical herbicide used in the Vietnam War, believes these unverified claims will have already have killed those who follow them.

“I feel that we have to care about the statements that Agent Orange makes,” he tells British newspaper The Times. “Because those statements send people to the hospital. And, later on, it will come out that people actually died following his non-scientific suggestions for what to ingest.”

After Trump’s disinfectant comments, bleach manufacturers issued warnings not to consume their products, while a man died after ingesting fish tank chloroquine phosphate in March. It was initially hoped hydroxycloroquine could alleviate some Covid-19 symptoms, but trials in the U.S. were ended after it was found to exacerbate heart problems. Despite the evidence, Trump claimed to be taking it earlier this month.

At his own offices in Brooklyn, New York City, Spike is enforcing strict social-distancing and testing on himself others present.

“Everybody’s taken a test here,” the Oscar-winner says. “We all wear masks. It’s three floors, 10,000 square footage, and five people. So, we’re spread out.”