Spottie WiFi Drops New Project Featuring Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones, Bun B, And More

Spottie WiFi

New music drops with rapper who mastered NFT record sales.

Many people are throwing their support behind the crypto-punk rapper Spottie Wifi.

Particularly around his new ten-track album “The King’s Alpha,” he is getting the co-sign of some of Hip-Hop’s most recognizable icons. And they are rocking with him because they saw how he shifted culture in the middle of the pandemic.

In 2021, he sold 2000 NFT albums generating $192K in under sixty seconds as an independent artist.

Now, with new project, he has names like Snoop Dogg, Bun B and others waving his banner.

Additional features include Gold-Rilla, DJ Mal-Ski, Champ Medici, October London, We$, Alan Kingdom, Alec King, Bart Oatmeal, and Psalm One.

On one track, Bun B raps “To me an NFT means Nobody F#####’ Triller” and breaks down how he has also made financial moves in the cryptocurrency sector. 

Promoting the intersection of rap and cryptocurrency has been what Spottie WiFi has been about for years.

Recently, before dropping his new album that came out on Friday, April 28, he dropped the first single “Buy The Dips” in collaboration with Jim Jones.

Check out the video for “BTD.”

According to a press release, “’Buy The Dips’ is a message to the Hip-Hop culture that the metaverse and cryptocurrency can last in the post-COVID world.”