Stem Player Parent Company Parts Ways With Kanye West

Kanye West

The CEO and co-founder of Kano, the parent company of the STEM Player, is half Jewish.

Another company has severed times with producer-turned-rapper-turned-fashion designer Kanye West.

GAP, Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue, his lawyers, friends, and so many more parted ways with the Def Jam artist, making his net worth drop from $6.6 billion in June to $500 million in a matter of months.

Now, one more partnership has said adios to the troubled Grammy Award-winner. Kano Computing, the company that helped the rapper develop the Stem Player debuted with the release of the artist’s “Donda” album. The Stem Player allowed listeners to customize songs— as well as listen to exclusive tracks.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Alex Klein, CEO, and co-founder of Kano, said the company decided to split because of the antisemitic language he has been spewing over the last two months.

As reported by, some of the antisemitic comments he made were on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs.” The most damaging comments were from when he went to Twitter and said he was going to go “Death Con 3 on Jewish.”

After that, both Twitter and Instagram locked him out of his accounts. Klein, who is half Jewish, said. “[West] tried to call me racist when I gently told him that attacking a whole race of people wasn’t good for him or Stem.”

“I asked Kanye not to take the path he’s on. We’ve told him that we’re unable to work together while he’s putting out racial conspiracy theories. There’s no deal in place.”

The rapper wanted to purchase Kano but was declined because Ye wanted to exclude certain musical artists.

Klein said, “Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t want to allow other musical artists onto the platform. This was a disagreement that we had trouble resolving.”

It just keeps getting worse, and his money is getting funny. Earlier this week, it was reported that Kanye had to stop working on his $57 million home because he had to figure out his finances.