Stevie J Steals Faith Evans’ Car As Divorce Drama Escalates To New Level

Stevie J and Faith Evans

Faith Evans was granted an emergency motion to regain possession of a car stolen by her estranged husband Stevie J.

A court forced Stevie J to return Faith Evans’ car, which she accused him of stealing for a trip to Coachella.

According to Radar Online, Evans pursued legal action to regain possession of a 2023 Mercedes Sprinter Van. A court granted her emergency motion, ordering Stevie J to give the vehicle back to Evans.

Evans claimed Stevie J took her car keys when she fell asleep on April 12. He drove the car to Coachella even though she asked him to bring the vehicle back once she was awake.

The former Bad Boy Records artist contacted the police. She reported her car was stolen.

Evans sought a court order to prevent Stevie J from driving any of her vehicles amid their divorce. She claimed he can’t legally drive any car because he has a suspended license.

The singer noted her Mercedes Sprinter Van’s insurance policy doesn’t cover her estranged husband. She bought the vehicle for $164,000.

Stevie J filed for divorce in 2021. He requested monthly spousal support payments, which Evans opposed.

Last year, the producer/reality TV star begged Evans to forgive him in an attempt to reconcile. He declared he learned his lesson and never wanted to live without her.