Philly Stores Looted After Ex-Police Officer Who Killed Hispanic Man Walks Free

Doctor - Atlanta

Police Commissioner says the looting was not connected to the peaceful protests.

A total of 15 to 20 teens were reportedly arrested on Tuesday (September 25) after a judge dismissed a murder charge leveled against the ex-Philadelphia police officer who fatally shot a 27-year-old motorist. The former cop, Mark Dial, shot the Hispanic man through a rolled-up window.

Per WHYY, Dial shot and killed Eddie Irizarry during a traffic stop in Kensington on August 14. Body camera footage revealed the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) fatally shot Irizarry within five seconds of arriving at the scene, contradicting initial police statements.

Police claimed Irizarry had a knife near his right leg and posed a potential threat to their colleague. However, video evidence disproved the initial assertion that he had lunged at them. Judge Wendy Pew dismissed all charges against Dial after his attorneys argued he acted in self-defense.

Following this decision, hundreds participated in a peaceful protest on the streets but later that night, chaos erupted. The Philadelphia Police Department said around 8 p.m. ET, a group of people tore up Center City and looted stores like Foot Locker, Lululemon and the Apple store. Nearly two dozen teens were arrested in addition to at least one adult. Officers confiscated two firearms during the melee.

Police described the looting at the Chestnut Street Foot Locker as a “coordinated attack” by a “group of males dressed in black attire and wearing masks.”

The police arrested people who robbed the Foot Locker and Lululemon but haven’t found the people who got away with robbing the Walnut Street Apple store. They were able to get away with stealing multiple tablets and phones according to the police. 

“We are actively investigating these incidents and working diligently to identify and apprehend those responsible for these unlawful acts,” the Philadelphia Police Department said in the press release.

Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford made clear at a press conference that the looting and the protest were not connected, no matter what people suggest.

“What we had tonight was a bunch of criminal opportunists take advantage of a situation and make an attempt to destroy our city,” he said.