U.K. Drill Rapper Stormzy Takes Stance On Israel-Gaza Conflict

The rapper said he wanted to share some free thoughts with his followers.

U.K. drill rapper Stormzy has taken his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. According to a social media post, he chose neither side but has aligned himself with the people of Palestine, who he believes are being underserved and under-supported.

“Free Palestine,” he began. “In the future, if there is ever a clear injustice in the world, no matter how big or small, 100 times out of 100 I will be on the side of the oppressed. Unequivocally. As I always have been. Social media is a brilliant way to stand up for what is right, there are also a whole load of other ways to do this.”

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Many of his 3.4 million Instagram followers said they were pleased to hear him say something.

“There’s many people on Social Media with mass following who are two scared to say anything,” one person wrote. “Respect to you for number 1. Free Palestine and let us continue to be their voice as they don’t have one.”

Another person commented, “Love you from Palestine, bro! Even though it’s been hard understanding the dialect because we’re not very much exposed to it here, but I enjoy your music and it always manages to get me in a good mood. Bless you bro.”

Yet another added, “Thanks. As a Jewish English guy who loves your music, I say ‘stop the genocide in Gaza, Free Palestine” one more person said in solidarity.

Stormzy also said he was expanding his life. In addition to using his voice to help others, he’s starting to play golf, chess and padel. He also said he’s in the market to get himself a new hairline and buy a black horse.