Stormzy Won’t Be Happy Until His Friends Are Millionaires Too


(AllHipHop News) British grime star Stormzy doesn’t want to relax and enjoy his success until he has enriched his friends.

Since his emergence in 2014, the U.K. hip-hop star, real name Michael Omari, has become one of the hottest new stars in British music, with his debut studio album Gang Signs & Prayer topping the U.K. chart earlier this year.

Stormzy says he intends to share his newfound wealth with his friends, and won’t relax until he has made them all millionaires.

“I can’t sit down and say, ‘Mandem (Friends), we’ve done it, it’s done.’ Not until all of my friends are millionaires,” he tells Britain’s GQ magazine.

The star is uncomfortable with the trappings of fame and says he doesn’t want to live the luxurious bling lifestyle favored by many rappers.

“You know when you see a day-in-the-life of a rapper? And they go to Harrods? And buy a watch? Bro, I’d rather order a Deliveroo (takeaway meal) in my bed,” he explains.

Stormzy, 23, has hit the headlines a number of times on account of his generosity.

Last month, it emerged he had donated $11,600 to fund a fellow Londoner’s studies at America’s prestigious Harvard University.

For his 23rd birthday in July last year, the grime star took over England’s Thorpe Park attraction so he could invite his friends and most devoted fans to enjoy the theme park’s rides with him.