Strippers Back To Work In Houston After Club Onyx Wins A Restraining Order Against The City

The owners of Club Onyx were denied the right to open, so they got a restraining order against the city.

(AllHipHop News) Club Onyx in Houston won a temporary restraining order against the city after the popular venue was shut down over the weekend, despite Governor Greg Abbott’s “Phase 1” plan, which initially allowed certain businesses to be open.

Included in Governor Abbott’s order were restaurants, and since Onyx operated as both a strip club and a restaurant, club owners assumed the coast was clear.

With unclear guidelines in Governor Abbott’s plan, the mayor of Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner asked the state for clarification.

On early Friday morning, Club Onyx decided to open its doors at midnight. as a restaurant “with entertainment” with strippers providing entertainment, while socially distancing themselves from patrons.

Later on, the Houston Police Department shut the venue down after scrambling for hours, deciding on what to do with the club, resulting in the owners filing a lawsuit against the city of Houston.

A judge approved a restraining order against the city, and ruled that the cops cannot arrest any strippers, or patrons, or even set foot on the property for more than 30 minutes, unless a crime has been committed.