Styles P And Tracklib Looking For The Perfect Beat…Maker

Styles P has linked up with Tracklib to find the perfect beat for his upcoming album. Read more!

Additional reporting by: Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (@chuckcreekmur)

(AllHipHop News) Styles P comes from an era of hard-hitting rhymes and even harder tracks.

As one of the first chart-topping acts signed to Bad Boy, he automatically was blessed by Diddy’s legendary Hitmen (a collective of producers that included Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie Stevie J, Ron Lawrence, Mario Winans, Chucky Thompson, Nashiem Myrick, and more).

But then he also was a part of the Ruff Ryder family, where Swizz Beatz was the resident guru of hot s##t, crafting magic from drum machines, samples, and live instruments.

So, son knows a hot joint when he hears it.

This is why, as he creates his next project, he is linking with Tracklib to find a next hot producer‑ with that fire to set his new music apart from his classic catalog and the sounds on the radio.

The decision on who will be selected as one of his new producers is tomorrow, July 1st. The heartbeat of The Lox has been listening to the tracks for a week and will decide what joint he is gonna hop on.

Whether we are talking club bangers, vibe-out joints, or something for the ladies, the producers can bring whatever flavor to the table as long as they pull their sample from Tracklib.

“I want people to go to Tracklib. We got a contest. They got a bunch of samples. Flip the sample, whichever one’s the best one I’ma hop on,” Styles P explained to

Styles explained why he chose to give new producers a chance as opposed to the legendary beat makers he has rocked with in the past.

“When it comes to music, I just like whatever beat works for me and whatever is good. I watched GZA do the contest, I like what he did with it, and got out of it,” Styles P told

He continued, “So it was just something I felt was a pretty cool thing to do. And I wanted to be part of it. I like giving them the youth a shot. You know, I like working with the youth so especially those don’t get on. It gives them a chance to submit it and to whoever’s watching, whoever’s paying attention.”

The “Juice for Life” co-founder has also committed to rocking with multiple producers as long as their hustle is D-Block approved.

“I will take more than just the winner,” Styles revealed to “If I like your sound, it’s going to be bigger than the winner with me. It may take a little long for me to get around to you, I work on a lot of projects, but it’s gonna be more than just the winner I will be getting at.”

Styles is also offering full credit listing on the song or songs that are selected. Check out more by clicking here.