Styles P Is Over The Kanye & Drake Beef

Kanye West and Drake’s long-running feud has resurfaced in recent months and everyone has an opinion on their beef.

Styles P offered his take on the Drake and Kanye West beef that has consumed social media for what seems like forever. On a visit to “I am Athlete” he explained why he thinks “It’s a worthless battle.” 

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Speaking to Chad Ocho Cinco and Brandon Marshall Styles said “It’s really an egotistical and prideful battle. Think about what we’re doing right now, one guy is saying I’m a certified lover boy, one guy titled the album after his dead mom God bless the dead, much condolences, why are we comparing it?” 

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Styles P praised both projects saying in his opinion, Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” is the better album sonically though Ye’s “DONDA’ has better content. He said they are very different projects and people can like both and so the comparisons are pointless.  

“This guy’s relating to his mom talking about Christ and all types of other s###,” Styles said. “This guy is talking about rich s###, money, chicks he forgot, people mad at him, how much money he got, chicks he love, who left him. [Drake’s] singing, [Kanye’s] singing, [Drake’s] singing about girls [Kanye’s] singing about Christ. I love them both.” 

Styles warned against the “crab in the barrel” mentality, pitting them against each other. However, he doesn’t think the two will ever come to blows, no matter how much the public might want to see them fight.  

“They’re not going to fight. They’re going to try and dress better than each other, buy better watches, date better models, buy better cars, mention paintings I definitely don’t know about and I’m tired of it.” 

He ended with brutal honesty saying, “They ain’t even fighting or arguing. Go the f### around the corner to square up or f###### hug. I’m tired of that s###. You want me to be honest? They should both shut the f### up.” 

Swizz Beatz revealed earlier this week that there were talks about a Kanye West and Drake “Verzuz” battle. Speaking on the “Angie Martinez Show” he revealed that although they came close it’s not on the cards at the moment.