Suge Knight Says He Has A Brain Tumor; Lawyer Tries To Reduce Bail


Suge Knight’s lawyer seems to have a lot of work on his hands.

According to the Associated Press, Knight’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, is expected to appear in court Friday (July 17) to express that Knight’s bail is excessive and should be reduced. However, the prosecutor is arguing that the bail amount is appropriate considering Knight’s lengthy rap sheet. Knight’s bail was initially set at $25 million but was reduced to $10 million in April.

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Besides trying to get his bail lowered, Mesereau is also trying to get the former Death Row CEO into a new jail, TMZ reports. He is arguing that Knight’s mental and physical health is deteriorating and that he may have a brain tumor. Mesereau claims that Knight feels numbness on one side of his body and that could be due to a brain tumor. He wants his client transferred to a jail where he would have full access to a medical facility. The toilet is Knight’s cell also flushes every 20 minutes, which is allegedly driving Knight crazy.