Summer Madness Coming… Is Wyclef Good Enough To Be On The Biggest Stage In Battle Rap???

The Fugee founder has rapped on some of the biggest stages in the world, but is he dope enough to touch a top-tier stage in this era of battle rap? Listen to him as he gives new battle bars to Freeway.

Rapper Wyclef Jean is a Hip-Hop genius.

As the musical engineer behind the mega trio The Fugees and so many other artists at the top of the charts and a man of such character and heart that he almost became the President of Haiti, you almost can’t predict what he might hop into next.

So … do you think was shocked to see him PG-stepping in a Jersey parking lot, 50+ spitting a freestyle in front of Freeway? Hell, Nah.

Quiet as it is kept, Clef has been in these streets freestyling for a minute. He actually started off as a battle rapper.

Clef is locked into what’s popping in today’s music and in modern-day battle rap culture and has supported leagues by tuning in on Caffeine TV, PPV and YouTube.

As one of the forces curating the commercial career for battle rap’s Mt. Rushmore candidate, Arsonal da Rebel, he is fully up to speed on punchlines, schemes, and how to make lyrics matter in a competitive way.

Check out this video captured by the HipHopisReal team, where he lets Freeway get a little taste.

But is he ready for URL?

This is not the first time that we’ve seen Clef in these streets trying to catch wreck. In a tuxedo, the “Gone ‘Til November” artist kinda killed the young boy that stepped up asking for the fever.

He done spit hot fire in front of NuNu Nellz, one of the most powerful businesswomen in battle rap, now he just has to get talk to her big brother Smack. Summer Madness could use one more big name to add to the star power of the night. Adding one of the top-selling rappers in the world to the list would just be even more sickening.

Or … he could just put up $100,000 like Drake for the next Ultimate Madness and do a concert at the finals.

Either way, if something comes out of this, we want our cut.


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