Summer Walker Scolds The Black Community For Having No Unity & Being Unorganized

Do you agree with the ATL-raised songstress?

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Summer Walker’s social media alter ego, Galactawhore, is very outspoken about a range of topics. Yesterday, the “Come Thru” singer used her second Instagram page to share her thoughts about African Americans.

The 24-year-old LRVN representative from Atlanta uploaded a screenshot of a comment by an IG user who had written, “The whole system is corrupt. Burn everything down.” Walker’s response pushed back on the idea of supporting anarchy, but she also criticized her own race of people.

“You literally won’t get anywhere doing that but making everyone go into martial law and nobody won’t get s###. Y’all need to take that same passion and energy and use it to come together in the Black community. Black people have no unity. We want everyone [else’s] support but won’t support each other but nobody wants to hear all that. So unorganized,” posted Walker.

In her next several posts, Walker (as Galactawhore) changed the subject to pursuing goals and women not having sex with men for buying them dinner. The latter conversation was sparked by a tweet from Sukihana where the rising rapper suggested she would prefer to sleep with her female friends rather than get dressed up to go on a date with a man.