Summer Walker Shows How To Dress To Attract A Man In Hilarious TikTok 

Summer Walker

Summer Walker jumped on the latest TikTok trend, showing off how she dresses to attract a man in a funny new video.

Newly single Summer Walker does not want any potential suitors, in fact, she’s doing her best to avoid them at all costs. 

The “White Tee” hitmaker recently broke up with her Power actor boyfriend Lil Meech, following rumours he was unfaithful during their relationship. Since then, Summer Walker has been partying with her friends and having fun. She recently went viral on a night out with celeb pals Sexyy Red, Sukihana and Saucy Santana. She ended up twerking upside down on a car roof following a wild night out.  

However, she’s not in any rush to return to the dating scene, as shown in a hilarious new TikTok. Using the popular “How to Dress to Attract a Man” tutorial sound, Summer Walker demonstrated that she’s going to do anything but. 

Rule No. 1 instructs ladies to “Make sure your hair is always long and lustrous and never put up.” However, Summer Walker quickly ditched her long wig to don a cute (albeit rule-breaking) blond afro.  

The violations continued as the R&B songstress put on a country maid-style dress that wouldn’t look out of place in a period drama instead of showing a little skin as the rules directed.  

In place of “dainty and delicate” footwear, Summer Walker stomped around in a pair of eye-catching pirate boots, completely flouting the guidelines.  

After swamping herself in a boxy blazer rather than showing off her waist, Walker completely disregarded the rules, completing her fit with a black ski mask and a pair of flower power shades. She pulled a funny face, grimacing to the camera rather than wearing the “pleasant expression’ the rules dictated. Watch the funny TikTok below. 


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Meanwhile, the visuals for Usher’s latest single, “Good Good,” featuring Summer Walker and 21 Savage dropped Wednesday. Check out the video below.