EXCLUSIVE: Suspect Accused Of Murdering XXXTentacion “Losing His Mind” Behind Bars

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A close friend of Dedrick Williams broke the judge presiding over his case saying he is mentally deteriorating as he awaits trial for allegedly killing XXXTentacion. 

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One of the four suspects accused of murdering rapper XXXTentacion is “losing his mind” behind bars, according to one of his friends. 

Dedrick Williams is not doing too well as his trial for killing the rapper in broad daylight approaches. 

Williams, along with suspects Michael Boatwright, Robert Allen, and Trayvon Newsome is facing a capital murder trial for killing XXXTentacion, born Jahseh Onfroy. 

The 20-year-old Hip-Hop star was slain in front of a Deerfield Beach, Florida motorcycle dealership in June of 2018.

According to a letter his friend Sharah sent to Judge Michael Usan, Williams is not holding up well behind bars. 

“I am writing on behalf of my very dear friend Dedrick Williams, who is currently mentally deteriorating at the main jail he has been incarcerated in for the past two years,” the letter reads. “I am begging you to please give this man a chance to prove to you he is not the person the media is portraying him to be.”

Sharah labeled Williams a “very talented artist” and ironically a “peaceful person” notwithstanding the cruel crime he is charged with.  Sharah is asking Judge Usan to grant Williams a bond hearing he has been demanding for over a year. 

“I don’t think it’s fair for taxpayers to pay for his time there just to pacify the media,” Sharah said in an attempt to persuade Judge Usan. 

This is the second time Dedrick Williams has made a desperate plea for his freedom.

In April of 2020, Williams wrote a letter to Judge Usan asking him to spare his life, out of fear he would catch the coronavirus and die during the pandemic. 

“I am asking to be given a bond so I can avoid catching the coronavirus. Even if it’s only to be out on bond and have and house arrest until this disease blows over,” Dedrick Williams wrote to Judge Usan.

Williams’ appeal was flatly denied, and all four of the suspects remain behind bars. 

The alleged offenders are charged with murder and armed robbery with a firearm. According to court documents, the four suspects are preparing their defense. The trial could commence as soon as February of 2021. 

Each defendant has pleaded not guilty to killing the rising rap star.