Suspects Who Shot Up Finesse2Tymes Club Performance Still On The Loose


Fans responded to the incident and wondered why people still go to his shows.

Five party revelers, who came out to see Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes perform at a birthday afterparty at a Decatur club, were hospitalized after being shot during an altercation around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning (June 19).

On Father’s Day, the crowd at the Cosmopolitan Premier Lounge and Restaurant on Glenwood Road endured a frightful start to the holiday, according to Fox 5.

An argument broke out as people started to let out of the club. An argument ensued and gunfire rang out inside the club while people were still enjoying their night.

Needless to say, everything came to a scary end once the gunplay let off. Check out the melee.

A security guard for the complex where the club is located said he is not shocked because of the space’s history of violence.

“[There is] a lot of crime at this club,” he said. “Several years of different names, different owners, same crime. Every time they open up, same thing, shootings.”

“I was supposed to work there that night, but they didn’t need anybody,” the man continued.

The victims of the shooting are currently recovering and are in stable condition. The DeKalb County police, who are investigating the incident, have not released information regarding the suspect. Authorities are also encouraging people to call if they have tips about the shooting.

People started to tweet that this is why they never go out to Finesse2Tymes concerts.