Swizz Beatz’ Two-Year-Old Son Shows Off Beatboxing Skills


(AllHipHop News) Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz son is already a pro beatboxer, despite being just two years old.

As the son of two musical superstars, it’s no surprise that little Genesis was going to inherit some of their talent.

The tot showed off his impressive skills in a video Swizz shot at his house, which he shared to his Instagram page alongside the caption: “In the middle of my #NoCommissionShanghai Genesis wanted me to hear his new beat 1234567.”

Referencing his little boy’s cute grey tracksuit, Swizz added: “Thx @brooklyn_lighthouse on the gear.”

The video showed Genesis beatboxing like a pro, ending with a string of numbers and a giant beat.

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Genesis isn’t the only budding musician in the Keys/Beatz household.

The couple’s eldest son Egypt is going from strength to strength in his piano playing skills, with Swizz again getting his phone out to capture the moment the six-year-old penned his first-ever song last December.

Swizz Beatz’ Five-Year-Old Son Shows Off His Songwriting Skills

“Proud Dad Alert. Egy wrote his 1st song Super-boy,” he captioned the video. “Wait for the fancy fingers at the end. Kids you gotta love em #Dedication #hardwork EGY-Keys-Beatz.”

Speaking previously about her children inheriting her musical skills, Alicia told Ryan Seacrest of Egypt:

“He’s super musical. He always has been, since he was a kid. You could play a rhythm on a drum and he’d duplicate it, or you could do a beatbox with your mouth and he’ll duplicate it.

“He’s playing piano and he’s getting good at it, he’s out there practicing. It takes practice! No one is good for no reason, so he’s working on it.”