SZA Looking To Get Into Fashion Design


Singing sensation SZA is looking to break out out into the world of fashion after her successful SKIM’S campaign.

SZA is looking to branch out into fashion design.

In recent months, the singer-songwriter – Solána Rowe – has appeared in a SKIMS campaign and teamed up with designers at Champion on a line of sustainably made sweaters.

And in an interview for issue 22 of CR Fashion Book, SZA revealed that she has set her sights on doing more fashion design.

“I feel like designing is in my nature. And I’m gonna continue to do that,” she said.

SZA went on to note that she has always been interested in fashion and credited her mother with instilling a passion for clothes and accessories in her, even though she is much more “conservative”.

“I still thought (her clothing) was cool because it was thrift, and things that come from places with culture and history are more important than a name brand. And I think that was taught to me through my mom, because I love all of her…like a small copper ring that she got from Nigeria,” the 33-year-old continued. “And she would add it to her outfit, and it just made so much more sense than anything that she could have purchased here, and I’m like, damn, okay, I get it. It’s energy, it’s all just energy. That’s what makes them fly.”