SZA Says Food Scarcity & Job Insecurity Gives Her Anxiety


It looks like social media and the turmoil around the world are getting to the singing sensation SZA.

SZA is tired of people projecting anger on social media.

In an interview for issue 22 of CR Fashion Book, the singer-songwriter – real name Solána Rowe – explained that she has been experiencing a lot of anxious feelings of late.

In particular, SZA noted that she finds it especially upsetting whenever she contemplates the current status of humanity and the toxic nature of online trolls on many websites.

“I’m just neurotic about everything. I’m neurotic, and I have a lot of anxiety,” she said. “It’s hard to not have a scarcity mindset when everything is so f###### scarce down to eggs and everything else. Jobs are scarce. Food is scarce. And now, I think, humanity is scarce. We’re fucking with humanity now. We need to take a break from hypercriticism and give everyone a break from projecting our anger in the comments section.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, SZA reflected on the success of her 2022 album SOS and the accompanying tour, which she wrapped up earlier this year.

And she emphasized that she is excited to be following in the footsteps of artists who paved the way, such as Kelis.

“There was no one that looked like her and (also) thought like I did. And I think now we know people like Kelis exist. So, looking at her growing up, I was like, ‘Wow, I am that,'” the star added.